John Cena posts his ‘Black twin,’ dubbed ‘Jamal Cena’

John Cena posts his 'Black twin,' dubbed 'Jamal Cena'
Brendan Cobbina has been dubbed "Jamal Cena" by social media
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Daily US Times: No one can say wrestling superstar John Cena doesn’t pay attention to the internet.

The wrestler and actor shared a photo of bodybuilder and trainer Brendan Cobbina that has gone viral and creates lots of sparks on social media because of his resemblance to Cena.

The wrestler posted the photo on his verified Instagram account but did not add any caption.

Judging by the comments, a caption was not needed as many fans were fully aware of John Cena’s Black doppelgänger, who has been dubbed “Jamal Cena.”

These days, John Cena has been pretty busy with starring roles in “F9: The Fast Saga,” “The Suicide Squad” so, naturally, social media users has already started rallying for him to find a role where his “twin” can appear opposite him.

Cobbina is leaning into the interest. His social media lists him as living in the UK.

His bio on Twitter reads “24. You may know me as the ‘Black John Cena’ or the owner of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach.”

After John Cena posted Cobbina’s photo in his Instagram handle, it grabbed the attention of WWE Superstar R-Truth as well, who posted a hilarious video in response:

Cobbina has become an overnight celebrity on social media and Cena’s Instagram post is bound to make him more famous in the coming days.

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