Judiciary panel takes first steps toward impeachment vote

Judiciary panel takes first steps toward impeachment vote
Both parties argued for and against the impeachment. Source: AP
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Daily US Times, Washington:The House Judiciary Committee took the primary steps on Wednesday towards voting on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, starting a marathon two-day session to consider about the historic charges with a hot prime-time hearing on the Capitol.

The Democrats and Republicans used poignant, sharp and personal arguments for and against impeachment. Both sides appeared to portray their version to the impeachment proceedings as the Democrats described it as a strong sense of duty to stop President’s ‘constitutional crime spree’, Republican considers it as ‘hot garbage’.

One Democrat, Rep. Val Demings of Florida, told the panel that, she has faith in America because it is ‘government of the people’ and in this country ‘nobody is above the law.’

Freshman Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia was emotional when talking about her lost son to gun violence that, she wants to “fight for an America that my son Jordan would be proud of.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio claimed the Democrats starts this impeachment proceedings because ‘they don’t like us’.

Jordan said, ‘It’s not just because they don’t like the President, they don’t like us. They don’t like the 63 million people who voted for this President, all of us in flyover country, all of us common folk in Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas.’

The House Judiciary Committee is considering two articles of impeachment against Trump. Abuse of power and obstructing to Congress.

The Committee will likely vote to send the articles to the full house. The full house vote will expected to be happened in next week.

Democrats are not willing to accept any proposed amendments by the Republicans unified against Trump impeachment.

Democrats are also unified. They have agreed to the languages that say Trump acted ‘corruptly’ and ‘betrayed the nation’ when he asked the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden and the 2016 U.S. election.

The evening session on Wednesday contains 41-member panel and lasted for three hours. Lawmakers from both sides made their statements.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler urged the Republicans to consider the evidence shows that Trump committed high impeachable crimes in his opening remarks.

He said, ‘When his time has passed, when his grip on our politics is gone, when our country returns, as surely it will, to calmer times and stronger leadership, history will look back on our actions here today, how would you be remembered?’.

Trump always has been denying the allegations made against him. So did the Republicans in the hearing today. Most of the Republicans chant the same thing as Trump that he did nothing wrong. All the republicans are expected to vote against the articles of impeachment.