July was world’s hottest month ever – US agency

July world's hottest month ever - US agency
Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: According to a US federal scientific and regulatory agency, July was the world’s hottest month ever recorded.

The data shows that the combined land and ocean-surface temperature was 1.68F (0.93C) above the 20th Century average of 60.4F (15.8C)

This is is the highest temperature since record-keeping began 142 years ago. The previous record was set in July 2016 and was equalled in 2019 and 2020.

Experts believe the record temperature is due to the long-term impact of climate change.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in a statement that July’s “unenviable distinction” was a cause for concern.

NOAA administrator Rick Spinrad said: “In this case, first place is the worst place to be. This new record adds to the disturbing and disruptive path that climate change has set for the globe.”

Land-surface temperature in the Northern Hemisphere reached an “unprecedented” 1.54C higher than average. The temperature surpassed a previous record set in 2012.

July was the hottest month on record in Asia, the NOAA data also showed, that as well as Europe’s second hottest after July 2018.

The statement also included a map of significant climate “anomalies” in the month of July, which noted that global tropical cyclone activity this year has been unusually high for the number of named storms.

A report from the United Nations earlier this week, said that climate change is having an “unprecedented” impact in the world, with some changes likely to be “irreversible for centuries to millennia.”

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