Kazakhstan plane crash: 12 dead, dozens survived

Kazakhstan plane crash 12 dead, dozens survived
The plane's tail had scraped the runway at least twice during take-off. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: A passenger plane crushed in Kazakhstan which killed at least 12 people, but dozens of passengers survived it.

The Bek Air plane smashed into a building just after take-off. It was flying from Almaty – Kazakhstan’s largest city – to the capital Nur-Sultan.

The plane was carrying 100 passengers and crews.

Survivors are being treated in hospital. The reason of the incident still remains unclear. A Reuters reporter who was close to the site said, there was heavy fog at that time.

The interior ministry initially said 15 people died, but later they published correct number of victims and mentioned only 12 dead.

What we know so far

Ninety-five passengers, including eight children and five crews were on the Fokker plane. Air Traffic displaying website Flightradar24 said the flight departed as 01:21 GMT and the last signal was received from the flight in that same minute.

Airport authorities also said the plane lost height at 7:22 local time (01:22 GMT). ‘It strikes a concrete barrier and then crashed into a two-storey building’, the authorities added.

Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said the plane’s tail had scraped the runway at least twice during take-off.

The plane crashed into a two-storey building, which was partly destroyed. Source: EPA

Businessman Aslan Nazaraliyev, one of the survivors, told that the plane had begun vibrating violently and passengers were panicked and screamed before it smashed into the ground.

He and others managed to get out of the plane and helped others to safety.

‘The plane crushed like an ‘aluminium can’, he said, ‘It was ugly. It was dark. We were lighting with cell phone lights’.

One survivor said, most of the passengers who died or suffered severe injuries were in the front part of the plane.

Eight passengers died on the spot, two while being treated at the airport and two in hospital. Fifty-four were injured, ten adults are reported to be in critical condition.

Most of the passengers were Kazakh citizen, but some of the injured are Chinese, Kyrgyz and Ukrainian nationals.