Last US and Nato forces leave key Afghanistan’s Bagram base

Last US and Nato forces leave key Afghanistan's Bagram base
Afghan soldiers guarded Bagram on Friday. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: The last US and Nato troops have left Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase, the centre of the war against Taliban and al-Qaeda for some 20 years.

The pull-out from Bagram could signal that the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan is imminent.

President Joe Biden has said US forces will return home by 11 September.

But the withdrawal from the sprawling base, north of capital Kabul, comes as the main jihadist group, the Taliban, advances in many parts of the country.

The 11 September deadline is the anniversary of the attacks on America’s Twin Tower and Pentagon in 2001, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

The terrorist attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda, an international jihadist group then based in Afghanistan with the support of the Taliban, who had been in control of Afghanistan since the 1990s. Latwer that yesr, a US-led coalition invaded Afghanistan to defeat both groups.

America now wants to end its war in Afghanistan with its huge cost in human lives and vast expense, and is leaving security to the Afghan government.

Some 2,500-3,500 US soldiers were thought to be still in Afghanistan until recently and when they depart, fewer than 1,000 American soldiers will remain. As of May there were about 7,000 other coalition soldiers in Afghanistan but it is believed that most have now left, with Italy and Germany declaring their missions over on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a resurgent Taliban, buoyed by the expectation of the foreign withdrawal, has overrun dozens of districts, amid fears that a new civil war could erupt after the departure of foreign forces.

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