Leopard attacks model in German photoshoot

Leopard attacks model in German photoshoot
Two leopards live in the enclosure, Troy and Paris. Source: DPA/PA MEDIA
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Daily US Times: A 36-year-old model has been mauled by a leopard at a retirement home for show animals in eastern Germany during a photoshoot that went wrong.

The woman, described as a photo model as well as an animal lover, suffered serious head injuries inside an enclosure that is home to two leopards, Paris and Troy.

Police said the model was taken to hospital on Tuesday with serious injuries.

A mobile alert that the leopard had then run away turned out to be false.

An investigation was taking place into what happened at the animal home and Burgenland authorities said there was no danger to the wider population by the leopard.

The victim’s name is Jessica Leidolph, according to German tabloid Bild. It is not clear who had organised the shoot and what she was being filmed for. Ms Leidolph has her own horse, cats, pigeons and parrots, according to her website.

The owner of the site has refused to comment, but her website says residents of the home for retired show animals have featured in TV, film and advertising, from Game of Thrones to BMW.

Paris and Troy are said to have been used in a commercial for plasma TVs.

The animals’ behaviour, living conditions and the site’s security were checked by local vets only this month, district authorities say.

Animal rights group Peta responded to the attack by calling for big cats to be kept only in recognised rescue centres where they couldn’t be exploited for commercial gain.

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