Lindsey Graham will do everything to end Trump impeachment trial quickly

Graham said he will not trying to pretend to be a fair juror. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Doha: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he would do everything to make sure Trump impeachment trial in the Senate ends quickly. He said on Saturday ‘his thing will come to the Senate, and it will die quickly, and I will do everything I can to make it die quickly’.

He was giving an interview with CNN‘s Becky Anderson at the Doha Forum in Qatar.

Graham’s comment came a day after the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against Trump. The Committee accused Trump of abuse of power and obstructing the Congress. After the vote in the Judiciary Committee Graham said, ‘a sad, ridiculous sham in the US House of Representatives. This needs to come to a quick end.’

The full House vote set to hold in Wednesday this week. Trump is expected to be impeached in Congress as the House is dominated by the Democrats. If the House impeaches Trump, this will force the Senate for a trial where all 100 senators will vote. The trial will begin early 2020. Trump to be impeached in Senate will be highly unlikely. His party, The Republican Party, holds the majority of the Senate.

Graham clearly said that he would not pretend impartial juror in the Senate trial. He said to Anderson ‘I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I have made up my mind. I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here’ and describing the impeachment process as ‘partisan nonsense’.

‘Personally, I think President Trump will come out of this stronger and the good news is that everybody in politics in America needs to prove to the American public we’re not all completely crazy. So there may be a spirit of compromise coming post-impeachment, born of political necessity, if anything else’, he added.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Friday ‘If articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate, every single senator will take an oath to render ‘impartial justice.’ Making sure the Senate conducts a fair and honest trial that allows all the facts to come out is paramount.’