Major outage affects Twitter users around the world

Major outage affects Twitter users around the world
Many users received error messages. Source: Twitter
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Daily US Times: Twitter, one of the major social media networks, has experienced a major outage, with users across the world affected.

The California-based company said the issue was caused by an “inadvertent change” it made to its internal systems.

Twitter users in countries including the UK and US were unable to use the platform for more than an hour, with many receiving error messages.

The service was later largely restored, and the social media giant said the site should soon be working for all of its users.

Reports of problems with Twitter began to spike at about 21:30 GMT on Thursday, according to

It said users from around the world – including Argentina, France, Japan and Australia – had reported being unable to use the platform.

There were tens of thousands of reports of problems in the US.

Users were sent error messages including “Tweet failed” and “something went wrong”: There’s something wrong. Please try again later.”

The company said there was no evidence of a security breach or hack.

NetBlocks, an Internet monitoring group, confirmed the incident was “not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering”.

Hackers accessed Twitter’s internal systems in July to hijack accounts owned by some of the platform’s most prominent users.

The breach saw the accounts of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Kanye West among other celebrities used to tweet a Bitcoin scam.

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