Man accused of 1 murder says he really killed 16

Man accused of 1 murder says he really killed 16
This undated photo released by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office shows Sean Lannon. Source: Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office via AP
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Daily US Times: A 47-year-old man charged with beating to death a New Jersey resident he claims sexually abused him as a child now claims he has killed a total of sixteen people, including his former wife and three others found dead near a New Mexico airport, authorities have said. His confession of murder stunned many.

Police have not corroborated his claim.

Alec Gutierrez, an assistant prosecutor in Gloucester County, New Jersey, said, Sean Lannon said he killed the four whose remains were found in a vehicle and “11 other individuals” in New Mexico.

The prosecutor said Sean Lannon had confessed to luring several victims to a New Mexico home and dismembering some of them.

According to court documents, authorities said that Lannon made the confession in a phone call to a relative, who told the investigators he expressed remorse.

Lannon has been charged only murder in New Jersey. His lawyer now says his client was provoked. He has been named a person of interest in the four New Mexico killings.

Police Lt. David Chavez in Lannon’s hometown of Grants, New Mexico, said police have no indication that Lannon’s claims about 11 other killings are true and that they are not aware of any missing-person or homicide reports that would fit his narrative.

Chavez said: “Is it possible? Sure, anything’s possible. Is it plausible? Unfortunately we are still investigating that and conducting search warrants for evidentiary value.”

Officials from the FBI, several police agencies in New Mexico, US Marshals Service, police and prosecutors in New Jersey either did not respond to requests for comment Saturday or didn’t immediately have more information.

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