Man found ‘living in airport for three months’ over Covid fears

Man found 'living in airport for three months' over Covid fears
Aditya Singh lived undetected in a secure area of Chicago's international airport. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: US prosecutors have said, a man too afraid to fly due to the coronavirus pandemic lived undetected in a secure area of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for three months,

Authorities arrested Aditya Singh on Saturday after airline staff asked him to produce his identification.

The 36-year-old pointed to a badge, but it allegedly belonged to an operations manager who reported it missing in October.

Police say Mr Singh arrived on a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on 19 October.

Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hagerty said, Mr Sing reportedly found the staff badge in the airport and was “scared to go home due to Covid”.

Mr Sing managed to live on handouts from other passengers, the attorney told the judge in the case.

Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz expressed surprise at the circumstances of the case.

“So if I understand you correctly, you’re telling me that an unauthorised, non-employee individual was allegedly living within a secure part of the O’Hare airport terminal from 19 October 2020 to 16 January 2021, and was not detected? I want to understand you correctly,” the judge said to the prosecutor who outlined the allegations on Sunday.

According to Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood, Mr Singh lives in a suburb of Los Angeles and does not have a criminal background. It is unclear why he was in Chicago.

He has been charged with misdemeanour theft and felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport.

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