Man jumps from plane after trying to access cockpit

Man jumps from plane after trying to access cockpit
The incident occurred at Los Angeles Airport on Friday. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: A man has jumped from a moving plane at Los Angeles International Airport after attempting to access the plane’s cockpit.

The man was not identified yet. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that he opened the door of the plane and fled via the emergency slide on Friday.

He was detained on the taxiway and taken to hospital.

There has been a rise in incidents on flights in the United States as about 3,000 incidents have been recorded this year.

Friday’s incident occurred at 19.10 local time aboard a United Express flight, operated by SkyWest Airlines, to Salt Lake City.

Flight crew reported seeing him getting up from his seat as the plane, an Embraer 175 regional jet, taxied towards the runway. The crew said he had pounded on the cockpit door before exiting the plane through the emergency door, according to NBC News reports.

The plane later returned to its gate.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the passenger’s motives and the incident.

The FAA said earlier this month that it had investigated the highest number of potential breaches of the law since records began in 1995. Many of those are related to incidents where people have refused to wear a mask.

The agency said some 394 cases of passengers allegedly “interfering with the duties of a crew member” had been reported as of 25 May.

This is twice as many as reported the whole of last year, when 183 cases were investigated.

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