Mass drug rape charge to be dropped against US couple

Mass drug rape charge to be dropped against US couple
The couple is about to see their case dropped. Source: Police Handout
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Daily US Times, California: Mass drug rape charge against a US surgeon and his girlfriend is about to be dropped due to lack of evidence.

The couple was accused of sexually assaulting ‘hundreds’ of women.

Todd Spitzer, Orange County District Attorney accused his predecessor of mishandling the case and using it to aid his re-election bid.

Back in 2018, the prosecutors of this case claimed they found evidence that Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley drugged and raped victims.

But now Mr. Spitzer said the case was ‘manufactured’.

After reviewing the evidence, Mr. Spitzer found “not a single video or photograph” depicting assault, as Tony Rackauckas, the former district attorney, had claimed.

The couple had denied the allegations placed against them.

Former prosecutor Rackauckas alleged the couple “used their good looks and charm” to lure and drug victims. He brought charges on behalf of seven unnamed women who said they were assaulted by Dr. Robicheaux, 39, and Ms. Riley, 32.

Mr. Rackauckas then claimed he had found ‘thousands of videos and images’ on the couple’s mobile phone which showed vulnerable women “barely responsive to the defendants’ sexual advances”, and stated that hundreds more women could have been assaulted.

Last summer, Mr. Rackauckas acknowledged that he used the mass drug rape case to garner media attention and help his re-election effort, according to the statement from the district attorney’s office. He lost his re-election bid in November 2018.

Several US media reported that Mr. Spitzer will open an internal investigation to review Mr. Rackauckas’ handling of the case.

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