McDonald’s hiring 14-year-olds in Oregon amid labour shortage

McDonald’s hiring 14-year-olds in Oregon amid labour shortage
The sign outside the Biddle Rd branch of McDonald's in Medford. Source: Reddit
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Daily US Times: A branch of McDonald’s in Oregon, United States, is calling on 14 and 15 year olds to apply for jobs at the fast food restaurant amid a shortage of workers.

Two weeks ago, the Biddle Road franchise in Medford put a banner outside its shop, urging younger workers to apply.

It has seen a spike in applications since making the offer, which complies with labour laws, according to reports.

It comes as fast food and other outlets across the United States struggle to fill vacancies despite coronavirus restrictions easing.

Heather Kennedy, operator of the Medford restaurant, said that such staff shortages were “unheard of” in her family’s 40-year history operating McDonald’s franchises.

Initially she tried to attract more workers by raising the restaurant’s minimum wage to $15, but didn’t spark enough interest.

But, since she opened her doors to under 16s, Ms Kennedy said she had received more than 25 new applications.

McDonald’s declined to comment on the move but said in a statement to the BBC it was sharing best practices for hiring with all its franchisees.

The fast-food chain added that franchisees had a range of measures to tackle staff shortages including sign-on bonuses, better pay and new benefits like backup childcare.

The company also announced recently that it will be raising hourly pay to reach an average of $15 per hour at company-owned restaurants across the country.

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