Meghan settles case over Archie photos with Splash UK agency

Meghan settles case over Archie photos with Splash UK agency
Source: PA MEDIA
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Daily US Times: Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has settled a legal claim against Splash UK agency that photographed her and her son, Archie, the High Court has heard.

Splash News and Picture Agency – which is in administration – has agreed not to take photos of Meghan, Prince Harry, their son Archie, should it resume trading.

A solicitor of Meghan said the photos were taken during a “private family outing” in a park in Canada.

Splash authorities accepted the solicitor’s comments.

The pictures were taken on January 20 in Horth Hill Regional Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, using a long lens, and showed Meghan Markle walking with her two dogs, with Archie in a baby sling.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had set up base in Canada at the time, after announcing their intention to step back as senior members of the Royal Family. The decided to divide their time between North America and the UK. They later relocated to the Duchess’s home state of California.

In March, Meghan brought privacy and data protection claims against Splash, both in her own right and with her husband, Harry, on behalf of Archie.

On July 1, Splash UK went into administration, after the claim had been issued and served.

Mr Justice Nicklin heard details of the settlement at a remote High Court hearing.

Jenny Afia, Meghan’s solicitor, said that in light of the administration the parties had agreed to settle the claim against the agency, with Splash UK agreeing not to take any photographs of the couple or their son, should it come out of administration in the future.

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