Michigan governor vows to push for more vaccines as Covid cases surge

Michigan governor vows to push Biden for more vaccines as Covid cases surge
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Daily US Times: Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer vowed on Sunday to push the Biden administration for more coronavirus vaccines as her state experiences a worrying spike in cases.

President Biden has said Washington will give the Michigan state more federal resources to support vaccinations and testing, but not additional vaccines.

Whitmer, also a Democrat, told in an interview with CBS that she would work with the White House but wanted to do everything she could to get additional doses.

“We did not have a national strategy for a long period of time,” the Michigan governor said, “”and then the Biden White House came in and we have one. And by and large, they’re doing a great job.

She added: “”I would submit, though, that in an undertaking of this magnitude, with such consequence, it’sit’s important to recognize where there might need to be some adjustments along the way.””

Michigan has the highest rate of new Covid-19 infections in the United States. On Saturday, the state reported 6,900 cases of Covid-19 and 74 more deaths. The state does not report data on Sundays.

Whitmer said one factor behind the spike in Covid-19 infection was that her state “”kept our spread low for a long period of time, so we have got reservoirs of people that don’tdon’t have antibodies. We have variants, big presence of variants here in Michigan that are easier to catch.””

Media outlets have reported Biden administration officials saying the state of Michigan is not making full use of vaccine supplies.

“”I don’tdon’t think there’sthere’s a governor in the country that’sthat’s leaving any vaccines on the table. And I can tell you that’sthat’s certainly the case in Michigan,”” the governor said.

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