Mitch McConnell says he avoids White House over Covid-19

Mitch McConnell avoids White House over Covid-19
Mr McConnell's comments come as the White House deals with a Covid-19 outbreak. Source: GETTY IMAGES
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Daily US Times: Top Republican leader Mitch McConnell, 78, is avoiding White House because of the way it has handled Covid-19. Mr McConnell revealed on Thursday that he had not been to the White House since August.

The Senate majority leader said he spoke to the president frequently over the phone but had not visited the White House since 6 August.

The Kentucky senator, a polio survivor, contrasted the White House with the Senate, where lawmakers are urged to social distance and wear masks.

Mr McConnell’s comments come as the White House deals with a Covid-19 outbreak.

Since President Donald Trump tested positive form the Covid-19, at least two dozen people in his circle and the White House staff have reported infections. First Lady Melania Trump, adviser Stephen Miller and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany are among the positive tests.

Two Republican senators – Thom Tillis and Mike Lee – have also tested positive after attending a White House event, though it is unclear where they caught the virus.

Ron Johnson, Another Republican Senator, who did not attend the event, has also tested positive.

As many as 34 White House staff and “other contacts” have been recently infected with the coronavirus, ABC News said. The memo did not offer details on these additional contacts.

Speaking to reporters in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell said he steered clear of the White House in the last two months “because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different from mine.”

The top Republican later also noted that he “personally didn’t feel that they were approaching the protection from this illness” in the way he felt “was appropriate for the Senate.”

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