More cases of new Covid variant found in Europe

More cases of new Covid variant found in Europe
Spain says up to seven people might be infected with the new variant. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Spain has confirmed that it has found four cases of the more contagious Covid variant recently identified in the United Kingdom – the latest European country to do so.

The infections were all in Madrid and were linked to recent UK travel, the regional deputy health chief said.

The Netherlands, France, Denmark and Italy have also reported cases in the past few days.

The details of the new Covid variant given a week ago of the new variant of the coronavirus in England triggered travel curbs with dozens of countries.

Scientists say the new variant of the virus is considerably more transmissible than previous strains but not necessarily any more dangerous for those infected.

Antonio Zapatero, Madrid deputy health chief, said the confirmed cases involved three relatives of a man who flew from the UK on Thursday.

The fourth case concerned another man, who had also come from the UK.

None of the patients were seriously ill and there was “no need for alarm”, Mr Zapatero said.

News of the new variant cases in Spain came just hours after France confirmed its first patient known to have the variant.

The French health ministry said in a statement that the person was a French citizen in the central town of Tours who had arrived from London on 19 December.

The ministry said the man, who had been living in the UK, is currently self-isolating at home and was asymptomatic.

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