Murder of young teacher makes women in London worry it could have been them

Murder of teacher makes women in London worry it could have been them
Jebina Nessa pays tribute to her sister Sabina Nessa during the vigil. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Recently, a schoolteacher was found murdered in a local park in southeast London and her murder raised concern and tensions about women’s safety in England’s capital.

Many had the same thought about Sabina Nessa’s murder: It could have been me.

Aliya Isaeva, a young mother who has been living in the London area for about two years, said: “Police said that she left her home to meet her friend in a local pub and it was just five minutes’ walk for her. We often go to this pub and it is also around five, 10 minutes walk for us. You feel it might have happened to you. It might happen anywhere.”

The neighborhood is still struggling to absorb the grief and they still know very little about the murder. People have been leaving notes, laying flowers in the park and lighting candles for Nessa’s family Throughout the week. A large crowds of people, mostly women, turned up in a vigil on Friday evening.

Many of them struggled to hold back their tears when Sabina Nessa’s sister Jebina Yasmin Islam told them about the pain she and her family experienced.

She said: “This feels like we’re stuck in a bad dream and we can’t get out of it. We have lost our sister, my parents lost their daughter and my girls have lost such a brilliant, loving, caring auntie.”

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