Nashville camper van blows up in ‘intentional act’ on Christmas morning

Nashville camper van blows up in 'intentional act' on Christmas morning
The blast was caused by a parked camper van, police say
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Daily US Times: In the early Christmas morning, a parked camper van exploded in the US city of Nashville, Tennessee, injuring three people and disrupting communications systems across the state.

Local media report that possible human remains were later found near the blast site and police believe the powerful blast was caused deliberately.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots just before 06:00 local time found a camper van broadcasting a warning message to leave the area.

A few minutes later, the van exploded.

Officials said, a police officer was knocked off the feet by the force of the blast.

Police have now released this image of the van. Officials described it as a recreational vehicle (RV) which arrived at the scene early on Friday.

The van blew up outside a building belonging AT&T, a US telecoms giant.

Buildings windows were blown out, suffered structural damage and trees were felled. Videos posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media showed water from damaged pipes running down walls as alarms howled in the background.

Police emergency systems were knocked out across much of the state of Tennessee. Flights out of Nashville International Airport were briefly halted because of damage done by the blast but have now resumed.

No motive of the incident has yet been established, nor do police know who was behind the incident.

A police spokesman told the Associated Press that number of people have been taken to the central police precinct for questioning.

Police spokesman Don Aaron told reporters “To this point, we do believe that the explosion was an intentional act.”

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