New riot video shows Officer Eugene Goodman point Romney to safety

New riot video shows Officer Eugene Goodman point Romney to safety
U.S. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman watches never-before-seen security footage of rioters storming the Capitol on Jan. 6. Source: Brandon Bell/The New York Times via AP, Pool
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Daily US Times: During the impeachment trial of Donald Trump on Wednesday, Democrats revealed new footage of US Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman hailed for his heroism during the January 6 insurrection, this time directing Senator Mitt Romney to turn around and head in the opposite direction of rioters storming the building.

The response under fire of Eugene Goodman and other officers during the Capitol attack was central to the arguments made by impeachment managers seeking a conviction against Donald Trump. In the footage, Senator Romney is seen walking toward the rioters until an officer turns him around and he runs in the other direction.

Romney told reporters later: “I was very fortunate indeed that Officer Goodman was there to get me in the right direction.”

Wearing a suit and tie and a mask, Eugene Goodman stood inside the US Senate chamber, watching as the footage was shown of his efforts to save lives.

Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, one of the impeachment managers, said: “As we all know now, but for the heroism of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman and other law enforcement officers who took (rioters) in a different direction to the police line, they very likely would have gotten here.”

The managers played video and audio, some never before seen or heard publicly, of badly outmanned officers trying to delay or misdirect rioters, some of whom themselves were from other law enforcement agencies. In calls made to dispatchers, Capitol police officers are heard pleading for help, the desperation in their voices clear.

One officer is heard saying “We have been flanked and we’ve lost the line.”

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