New rules for fully Covid vaccinated US and EU arrivals begin

New rules for fully jabbed US and EU arrivals begin
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Daily US Times: People who were fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 in the United States or European Union will no longer have to isolate themselves when arriving in the UK from an amber list country.

The change comes in across the country from 04:00 BST on Monday.

The government of UK has said the change will help to reunite family and friends whose loved ones live abroad.

Airline bosses have welcomed the decision but are calling for more countries to be added to the UK’s green travel list.

Travellers will still need to take either a PCR test and lateral flow pre-departure and a PCR test on the second day after they arrive.

Those of them under 18 years old, will be exempt from isolation, and some will not have to test, depending on their age.

Since 19 July people who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus in the UK have not had to isolate when arriving from amber list countries, but all other travellers are required to quarantine for 10 days when doing so.

In France, tougher rules also remain in place, where travellers still required to quarantine even if they have been double jabbed.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary of France, has said this will be reviewed at the end of the week.

International cruise ships will be able to depart from England from Monday, as part of the changes, after a 16-month pause.

Since Saturday, international cruises have been allowed from Northern Ireland.

In a letter to Mr Shapps the leaders of airlines in the UK described the change as a “positive step” but said they were concerned that the UK aviation sector was not on the path to recovery “due to the continued restrictions that are being imposed on international travel”.

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