New York Times endoreses Warren and Klobuchar for 2020 election

New York Times endoreses Warren and Klobuchar for 2020 election
The two candidates rocked the last debate stage in Iwoa. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Washington: One of the most powerful media in the US New York Times endorses Warren and Klobuchar for the 2020 election. The newspaper’s editorial board declared their endorsement Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar as the Democratic candidate for president on Sunday night.

The New York Times endorses them by publishing an op-ed titled “The Democrats best choices for president,” where the editorial board said that after spending over 12 hours discussing who should be the Democratic nominee, they landed on Warren and Klobuchar. The board’s decision was based on their different visions for the future of the country.

The Editorial board wrote ”The history of the editorial board would suggest that we would side squarely with the candidate with a more traditional approach to pushing the nation forward, within the realities of a constitutional framework and a multiparty country”.

“But the events of the past few years have shaken the confidence of even the most committed institutionalists. We are not veering away from the values we espouse, but we are rattled by the weakness of the institutions that we trusted to undergird those values”, the editorial board added.

“Both the radical and the realist models warrant serious consideration,” they added. “If there were ever a time to be open to new ideas, it is now. If there were ever a time to seek stability, now is it.”

Key moments of the debate

The feud between the two frontrunners, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, caught everyone’s attention in the last debate before caucus in Iowa. After the debate, Warren appears to snub Sanders’ handshake. The moment told its own story.

The two most liberal candidates were highly anticipated to the debate stage after a comment of Warren made headlines. Warren accused Sanders of telling her in December 2018 that a woman couldn’t win the presidency, but Sanders denied it.

Sanders replied about the question saying he has long supported the idea of a woman president. He pointed a video message of him recorded about 30 years ago where he supported woman president.

In her turn, Warren clearly spent time crafting, she hit a number of political targets almost in one breath.

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