Nine die as building collapses on to bus in South Korea

Nine die as building collapses on to bus in South Korea
The reason for the collapse is not yet clear. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: South Korean officials said that at least nine people have been killed after a five-storey building being demolished in the country collapsed on to a bus, which happened in the southern city of Gwangju.

Eight people were injured in the collapse.

The National Fire Agency said the bus was carrying 17 people and had stopped on a street below,

The reason for the collapse is unclear and search efforts are under way for survivors who may be trapped.

In a television briefing, fire officer Kim Seok-sun said all workers on the site had evacuated before the building collapsed.

He added that some of the workers told investigators they had shut off a pedestrian path near the site before the collapse.

Video footage spread to social media showed that the building collapsed directly on to the bus.

Yang Ik-je, who runs a shop across the street from the scene, told Yonhap news agency it felt like “the earth was shaking”.

He said: “I could not see the road clearly, as if it were shrouded in thick fog. I checked the CCTV to find out that the building collapsed on to a bus.”

One of the world’s worst peacetime building collapses happened in the Asian country in June 1995, when South Korea’s Sampoong Department Store collapsed, killing more than 500 people.

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