Nissan inquiry a ‘gross perversion’: Carlos Ghosn

Nissan inquiry a gross perversion Carlos Ghosn
Both Mr Ghosn and his wife are in Lebanon. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times, Beirut: Lawyers for Carlos Ghosn accused Nissan of conducting a biased investigation of his leadership.

Mr Ghosn was the chief of Nissan, but the inquiry led to his arrest in Japan. His lawyers claimed Wednesday that the inquiry was launched with “the specific, predetermined purpose of taking down Carlos Ghosn”.

“That investigation was never about finding the truth,” they said.

This comment came ahead of Goshn’s scheduled press conference in Lebanon later today.

Ghosn has been long accused his former company Nissan of being biased to him.

Last week he escaped Japan and reached Beirut in a dramatic development. His Beirut landing stunned the world, and Japan is still trying to find answers how Mr Ghosn, who was supposed to be in house arrest, fled the country.

Ghosn’s Wednesday press conference is much anticipated where everyone is expected to know how he managed to leave Japan to reach Lebanon.

He carries both Japan and Lebanon passports. Japan demanding Lebanon to hand over Mr Ghosn and the country issued an arrest warrant against his wife.

There is no extradition treaty between Japan and Lebanon.

The former Nissan boss was arrested in Japan in November last year on charges of financial misconduct, including improperly reporting his compensation.

The carmaker company defended its decision to remove him from office, saying he was “not fit to serve as an executive”.

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