No more super skyscrapers, says China

No more super skysrapers, says China
China is home to some of the world's tallest buildings. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: China has restricted smaller cities in the country from building super skyscrapers, as part of a larger bid to crackdown on vanity projects.

Cities with less than three million people will be restricted from building skyscrapers taller than 492 ft (150 metres).

Those with populations larger than three million that will be restricted from buildings taller than 250 metres.

There is already an existing ban in the country on buildings taller than 500 metres.

China is home to some of the world’s highest buildings – including the 599.1m Ping An Finance Centre and 632m Shanghai Tower in Shenzhen.

Local reports say that while skyscrapers may be needed in crowded cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen, there is no shortage of land in other cities, adding that those had been built mostly for vanity reasons.

Earlier this year, hundreds of people were showing fleeing when the SEG Plaza in the city of Shenzhen – a 350 metre landmark skyscraper – began swaying.

Chinese authorities have increasingly been cracking down on costly vanity projects, criticizing local developers’ obsession with constructing eye-catching buildings.

The country issued a ban on “ugly architecture” in earlier this year

Zhang Shangwu, deputy head of Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning had earlier told the South China Morning Post: “We’re in a stage where people are too impetuous and anxious to produce something that can actually go down in history,”

He said: “Every building aims to be a landmark, and the developers and city planners try to achieve this goal by going extreme in novelty and strangeness.”

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