North Korea claim test of new submarine-launched missile

North Korea claim test of new submarine-launched missile
KCNA released a photo apparently showing North Korea's missile being launched from a submarine. Source: KCNA
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Daily US Times: North Korea has claimed to have successfully tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile on Tuesday.

KCNA, the country’s national news agency, said the missile had “advanced control guidance technologies”, which could make it harder to track.

In recent weeks, North Korea has carried out a flurry of weapons tests, launching what it said were hypersonic and long-range weapons.

The United Nations prohibits it from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Ballistic missiles are considered more dangerous than cruise missiles because they have a longer range, can carry more powerful payloads and can fly faster.

On Wednesday, KCNA reported that the country’s latest missile had new “controlling and homing” technology which allowed it to move laterally. The new missile was also capable of “gliding and jumping movement”. KCNA released pictures of the missile as well.

The missile was fired from the same submarine that launched an older missile in a 2016 test, according to KCNA.

But the state media’s report didn’t mention leader Kim Jong-un, suggesting he did not attend the test.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday that one missile had been launched from the port of Sinpo, in the east of North Korea where Pyongyang usually bases its submarines.

It landed in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan, and travelled about 280 miles (450km) at a maximum height of 60km.

Fumio Kishida, Japanese Prime Minister, has called the launch “very regrettable”.

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