North Korea quarantines foreigners to stop coronavirus from breaking out

North Korea quarantines foreigners to stop coronavirus from breaking out
North Korea has not confirmed any cases yet, but taking steps to keep the virus out. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: North Korea has quarantined 380 foreigners, mostly diplomats, in an attempt to stop the coronavirus from breaking out, the state media reported.

About 200 foreigners had been confined to their compounds for the last thirty days, but their quarantine has been extended when the previous time was about to end.

The country has not reported any coronavirus case yet, but 29 other countries did so. Among them, South Korea faces the most critical situation.

On Monday, several new countries like Afghanistan and Dubai said they have detected their first cases of coronavirus and Kuwait said three people who returned from Iran had been infected.

At least 763 people have been infected in South Korea where seven people died. Around 7,700 troops have been quarantined after 11 military members were discovered infected by the virus.

The virus was originated in China last year where more than 2,500 people have died so far with some 77,150 cases confirmed cases reported.

Italy has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, with 152. Around 50,000 people in the northern region of Lombardy and Veneto have been effectively quarantined for two weeks.

Iran confirmed 43 cases with at least eight deaths.

Authorities of Wuhan, where the virus was thought to emerge, said that some non-residents would be allowed to leave if they showed no symptoms of the virus, but later order has been revoked.

The city has been literally in lockdown since January 23 as authorities cutting off transport links in and out of the city.

What’s the situation in North Korea?

North Korea has not confirmed any cases yet but it has a long border with China.

There are huge concerns as the country lacks the health infrastructure to test and treat those infected and that any outbreak could quickly spread unchecked.

At the moment, any foreigners coming into the country must be quarantined for 30 days.