Ohio police officer fired in fatal shooting of Black man

Ohio police officer fired in fatal shooting of Black man
A vigil is held for Andre' Hill at the Brentnell Community Recreation Center on Columbus. Ohio, Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: A white police officer in Ohio state was fired Monday after bodycam footage showed him fatally shooting 47-year-old black man Andre Hill who was holding a cellphone — and failing to administer first aid for several minutes. Andre Hill — a

Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr. said in a statement that Columbus police officer Adam Coy was fired hours after a hearing was held to determine his employment.

The statement read: “The actions of Adam Coy do not live up to the oath of a Columbus Police officer, or the standards we, and the community, demand of our officers.”

“The shooting of Andre Hill is a tragedy for all who loved him in addition to the community and our Division of Police.”

Coy remains under criminal investigation for the shooting.

The decision of terminating the Ohio officer came after Pettus concluded a hearing to determine whether the actions taken by the officer in the moments before and after the shooting of Andre Hill on Tuesday were justified. Mr Pettus upheld the recommendation of Police Chief Thomas Quinlan, who made a video statement Christmas Eve, saying he had seen enough to recommend Coy be terminated.

The Police Cheif expedited the investigation and bypassed procedure to file two departmental charges alleging critical misconduct against Coy in the death of Hill.

A statement from Pettus’ office said members of the local Fraternal Order of Police attended the hearing on behalf of Coy, who was not in attendance.

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