Oxygen supply lost leaves 22 Covid-19 patients dead in India

Oxygen leak leaves 22 Covid-19 patients dead in India
India has started an Oxygen Express to transport the gas to states that need it. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: At least 22 Covid-19 patients have died on Wednesday in a hospital in India after they lost oxygen supply due to a leak.

The incident occurred while an oxygen tanker was refilling a storage tank at the Zakir Hussain hospital in Nashik city.

It is not clear how the accident happened and why it interrupted supply to patients.

But according to officials, there was no oxygen flowing to ventilators for about 30 minutes, leading to the deaths.

The city’s municipal commissioner Kailash Jadhav said: “We will enquire into the matter and take action.”

Zakir Hussain hospital had called in tankers after it had begun to run out of oxygen. Hospitals across the country are struggling to keep oxygen supply going amid soaring demand.

Amol Vyavhare, whose grandmother was one of the patients who died due to a lack of oxygen, said: “We want strict action against the culprits.”

Vicky Jadhav, whose grandmother was also among those who died in the hospital, said she was “doing fine” when he left the hospital to bring her food.

“That’s when I got a call that she had become critical. When I asked hospital authorities, they said that there is no oxygen left in the hospital,” he added.

Maharashtra, where the hospital located, is one of India’s states worst affected by Covid-19 pandemic and is facing a huge shortfall in oxygen.

India is in the middle of a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections, recently reporting more than 200,000 cases daily.

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