Pakistan army chief says ‘it is time to bury the past’ with India

Pakistan army chief says ‘it is time to bury the past’ with India
Bajwa stressed however that the burden was on India to create a 'conducive environment' for talks. Source: Inter Services Public Relations via AP (File)
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Daily US Times: General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s powerful army chief, has called on arch rivals India and Pakistan to “bury the past” and move towards cooperation. His comments are seen as an overture towards the country’s main rival India that follows an unexpected joint ceasefire announcement last month between the two countries’ militaries.

Mr Bajwa stressed however that the burden was on New Delhi to create a “conducive environment” and said the US had a role to play in ending regional conflicts.

The Pakistan army chief said on Thursday: “We feel it is time to bury the past and move forward.” He said this while addressing a gathering of scholars and experts discussing national security issues at a seminar in Islamabad, the country’s capital.

He said: “But … our neighbour (India) will have to create a conducive environment, particularly in Indian-occupied Kashmir,” referring to the part of the Himalayan territory India administers.

Unsettled disputes between the two South Asian nuclear powers are “dragging this region back to the swamp of poverty and underdevelopment,” said the Pakistan army chief, the post is considered extremely powerful in the country, at the conference meant to highlight the Pakistani government’s new security policies.

Indian has not immediately made any comment.

Pakistan’s army has a tremendous impact on the country’s political system and has ruled the country for nearly half of its 73-year existence, and the military has long controlled security and foreign policies.

The disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir is split between India and Pakistan but claimed by both in its entirety.

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