Pakistan PM says world should give Taliban ‘time’ on human rights

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. Source: CNN
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Daily US Times: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said the world should give time to Taliban on human rights issues. He said the best way forward for stability and peace in Afghanistan is to engage with the Taliban and “incentivize” them on issues such as inclusive government and women’s rights.

Mr Khan sain these while speaking to CNN from his private Bani Gala residence in Islamabad on Wednesday. This is his first interview with an international news organization since Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Pakistan is very important for both Afghanistan and Taliban, as the militia group had long support from Pakistan, according to observers.

The Prime Minister spoke about enduring what he perceived as a “terrible” relationship with the US that has been disastrous for Pakistan and how he is now seeking a more pragmatic approach in dealing with Afghanistan’s new leaders.

Khan said: “The Taliban hold all of Afghanistan and if they can sort of now work towards an inclusive government, get all the factions together, Afghanistan could have peace after forty years. But Imran khan fears, if it goes wrong, it could go to chaos. The biggest humanitarian crisis, a huge refugee problem.”

Mr Khan claimed that the Taliban are now searching for international aid to avoid a crisis, which could be used to push the group in “the right direction towards legitimacy.”

Internation media have been reporting on human rights abuses after the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban.

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