Philippines military plane crash kills at least 29 but dozens survive

Philippines military plane crash kills at least 29 but dozens survive
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Daily US Times: A military plane of the Philippines has crashed in the southern part of the country, killing at least 29 people, with dozens more pulled alive from the burning wreckage.

The transporter, a Lockheed C130 Hercules, was carrying more than 90 people, mostly soldiers when it overshot the runway on Jolo island.

The military said fifty people were injured and 17 are missing and a nearby military hospital treated survivors.

A large ball of black smoke was seen above the wreckage of the plane.

Local media published pictures of the site which show burning debris in a wooded area close to a number of buildings.

The military plane, which came down at 11:30 local time a few kilometres from the town of Jolo, was carrying soldiers from Cagayan de Oro, on the southern island of Mindanao.

Armed forces chief Gen Sobejana told reporters: “It missed the runway, trying to regain power but it didn’t make it.”

The defence ministry said that two of those killed and four of the injured were civilians on the ground.

The troops were among reinforcements sent to the southern Philippines to combat Islamist militants such as the Abu Sayyaf group.

Officials said there was no sign that the aircraft had been attacked, and once the rescue operation was complete, an investigation would start.

Many of those on board had only recently completed basic military training, according to AFP reports.

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