Picasso painting found in Athens years after gallery heist

Picasso painting found in Athens years after gallery heist
Greek police say the two stolen paintings (pictured) are now in their possession. Source: NATIONAL ART GALLERY
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Daily US Times: A Pablo Picasso painting that was stolen nine years ago during a heist at a Greek gallery has been recovered.

Police in Athens said on Monday that Picasso’s Woman’s Head had been found along with a 1905 painting of a windmill by Piet Mondrian.

Both the paintings were taken, along with a third artwork, during an elaborate 2012 heist at the Athens National Gallery.

The paintings were stripped from their frames in the early morning raid which only took minutes to carry out.

Reuters, citing an anonymous police official, reported that a Greek man has been arrested after the artwork was found hidden at a gorge on the outskirts of the city.

Monday’s announcement of the recovery of the Pablo Picasso painting came just months after it was reported that Greek police still believed the artwork was in the country.

The artwork, a portrait of a woman in his signature cubist style, was gifted to the National Gallery by the artist himself back in 1949. Painted a decade earlier, Picasso said the gift was in recognition to the country’s resistance to Nazi Germany.

A second Mondrian painting was left at the scene during the heist after thieves dropped it while making their escape.

Greek officials are expected to hold a press conference about the recovery of the paintings on Tuesday.

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