Plane protest over Ronaldo sex assault claim

Plane protest over sex assault claim
Level Up said they wanted to "disrupt the fanfare". Source: PA MEDIA
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Daily US Times: A banner supporting a woman who accused football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of a sex assault has been flown over Old Trafford during his return game for Manchester United.

A feminist group named Level Up said they wanted to “remind crowds” of rape allegations against Ronaldo.

Kathryn Mayorga said she was sexually assaulted by Ronaldo at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

In 2019, US prosecutors said the Portuguese superstar, who denied the claims, would not face charges.

A plane with the banner “Believe Kathryn Mayorga” was flown after the start of the game at Old Trafford against Newcastle United.

Ronaldo scored twice in his first Manchester United match in 12 years, with his winning 4-1.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has drawn global attention. Source: PA MEDIA

In 2010, Ms Mayorga reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo, involving a $375,000 payment for agreeing never to publicise the allegations.

Ronaldo’s lawyers have previously said the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) was “by no means a confession of guilt”.

They said the player was following advice “to put an end to the outrageous accusations made against him, in order precisely to avoid attempts […] to destroy a reputation built thanks to hard work, athletic ability and behavioural correction”.

Ms Mayorga sought to reopen the case in 2018, with her lawyer saying she had been inspired by the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse and violence.

Las Vegas police then investigated the allegations, and said they “cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt” and therefore they wouldn’t press charges against Ronaldo.

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