Police beg for help, senators flee in Trump impeachment trial video

Police beg for help, senators flee in Trump trial video
In this image from video, a security video shows Vice President Mike Pence being evacuated as rioters breach the Capitol. Source: Senate Television via AP
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Daily US Times: Prosecutors unveiled chilling new video in Trump’s impeachment trial Wednesday, showing the mob of rioters breaking into the Capitol building, smashing doors and windows and searching menacingly for Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as overwhelmed police begged on their radios for help.

In the previously unreleased videos, the House prosecutors displayed gripping scenes of how close the violent rioters were to the country’s leaders, roaming the halls chanting “Hang Mike Pence,” some equipped with combat gear. The mob had set up a makeshift gallows outside.

Videos of the siege have been circulating since January 6, the day of the riot, but the graphic compilation amounted to a more complete narrative of the situation, a moment-by-moment retelling of one of the country’s most alarming days. In addition to the evident danger and chaos, it offered fresh details on the attackers, scenes of police heroism and staff whispers and cries of distress.

At one dramatic moment, the video, which was displayed in the senate trial, shows police shooting into the crowd through a broken window, killing a San Diego woman, Ashli Babbitt. In another, a police officer is seen being crushed by the angry mob.

Five people have died in the chaos that day and the president Mr Trump’s stand did not help the situation to calm down.

The vice president, who had been presiding over a session to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over Trump — thus earning Trump’s criticism — is shown being rushed to safety, where he sheltered in an office with his family just 100 feet from the rioters.

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