President Biden visits disaster-hit Texas as Cruz flown to Florida

Biden visits disaster-hit Texas as Cruz basks in warmth of Florida right-fest
Joe Biden bumps elbows with a person as he visits the Houston Food Bank in Houston, Texas, on Friday. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: President Biden visited an emergency operations centre and a food bank as the Texas senator Ted Cruz railed against the ‘hard left’ at the conservative CPAC event

America’s political divide was on display on Friday as the president flew to Texas to comfort victims of a deadly winter storm while Senator Ted Cruz basked in Florida sunshine and joked about his recent holiday in Mexico.

Joe Biden, who made empathy the core of his election campaign, and the first lady, Jill Biden, travelled to Houston for his first trip to a major disaster site since taking oath to the office on 20 January.

At least 40 people in Texas died as a result of severe winter weather that caused frozen pipes that burst and flooded homes and widespread power outages.

Biden’s first stop was an emergency operations centre for a briefing from Bob Fenton, acting administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema), and state and local emergency management officials.

President Biden thanked workers for doing what he called “God’s work”. He also joined Jill Biden at a food bank.

Then, speaking at a Fema vaccination site, the US President said: “We’re not here today as Democrats or Republicans. We’re here today as Americans … When a crisis hits our states, like the one that hit Texas … it’s our fellow Americans are hurting and it’s our job to help everyone in need. Look out for one another. Leave nobody behind.”

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