President leaves Walter Reed hospital to continue Covid-19 treatment

President leaves Walter Reed hospital to continue Covid-19 treatment
Mr Trump downplayed the coronavirus many times. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Three days after being admitted with Covid-19, US President Donald Trump has left the Walter Reed hospital, vowing to be back on the campaign trail soon.

Mr Trump flew for the short trip back to the White House on the presidential helicopter Marine One.

“Feeling really good!” he tweeted earlier. “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

More than 7.4 million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the United States. The virus has killed nearly 210,000 Americans.

Questions remain over the seriousness of Preisdent Trump’s illness after a weekend of conflicting statements. The true scale of the outbreak at the White House also remains unclear.

Wearing a navy business suit, tie and mask, President Trump walked out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Washington DC suburbs on Monday evening pumping his fist.

“Thank you very much everybody,” the president said, ignoring questions from the media, including one reporter who asked: “Are you a super spreader, Mr President?”

Following the short helicopter ride, he was pictured alone on the Truman Balcony of the White House. He removed his face mask, before giving a thumbs-up and a military-style salute.

A couple of hours later, Mr Trump tweeted a campaign-style clip of his return set to stirring music.

Shortly before leaving the Walter Reed, he tweeted: “Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls.”

Mr Trump’s diagnosis has upended his campaign for a second term in office, less than a month before the Republican president faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the White House election.

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