President Trump ‘knew exactly what was going on’, Giuliani aide claims

President Trump 'knew exactly what was going on', Giuliani aide claims
Mr Parnas is facing several charges now. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Washington: An aide to Rudy Guliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, claimed the president ”knew exactly what was going on” with efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son.

In an interview with MSNBC, Lev Parnas said he went to Ukraine to put pressure on officials on behalf of Trump and Guliani.

The intention was to damage Biden’s reputation, who is potentially Trump’s Democratic rival in 2020 election.

Trump again denied any involvement. He claimed he doesn’t know Mr Parnas, who is an Ukrainian-American businessman and Republican party donor. The person is facing separate charges of campaign finance violations.

Trump had been impeached in the House for this alleged pressure to Ukraine.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent his articles of impeachments to the Senate yesterday. The Senate will now hold a trial, which is due to begin next week.

If Trump is proven guilty in the Senate, his presidency could come to an end. Though it is highly unlikely that the Senate will rule against him because his party holds the majority in the chamber.

What else Mr Parnas said?

His interview aired on Wednesday where he claimed Trump was aware all of his movements. He said he wouldn’t do anything without the consent of Trump and Guliani.

” Why would [Ukrainian] President Zelensky’s inner circle or [Interior] Minister [Arsen] Avakov or all these people or [former] President [Petro] Poroshenko meet with me?”

Mr Parnas said Trump decided to increase pressure on Ukraine investigate the Bidens’ activities by withholding military aid.

He also said that he told Ukrainian officials that VP Mike Pence would not attend President Zelensky’s inauguration unless there were an investigation into the Bidens.

Parnas alleged that other White House officials had knowledge about it. He mentioned Attorney General William Barr, who Mr Parnas said was “basically on the team”, and former national security advisor John Bolton, who Mr Parnas said “100%” knew about it.

Pelosi announced impeachment managers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the name of seven managers who will act as prosecutors in the Senate trial of President Trump.

The trial of President Trump will start next week and that could lead to Trump’s removal from office though it is highly unlikely.

Naming the impeachment managers, Pelosi ended a 28-day pause in the impeachment proceedings against the President. She stopped the proceedings after the House passed two articles of impeachment against Trump.

Adam Schiff of California, the House Intelligence Committee chairman will lead the team. During the announcement in a Capitol conference room, he stood directly to the left of Pelosi. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler stood her right. They both have been closely involved in the impeachment inquiry.