President Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff

President Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff
Mick Mulvaney has been praised by President Trump for doing "an outstanding job" while in the administration. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times, Washington: President Trump has announced he is replacing his acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, with Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina. The shake-up in the top echelons of the West Wing just as the President confronts a growing public health crisis and girds for reelection.

Meadows will become Trump’s fourth chief of staff in a little more than three years in office.

In a tweet, Trump did not denote him “acting,” a designation Mulvaney never graduated from in the turbulent 14 months he spent in the job.

“I am pleased to announce that Congressman Mark Meadows will become White House Chief of Staff,” the president tweeted Friday after arriving at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, ”I have long known and worked with Mark, and the relationship is a very good one.”

Trump did not reveal what made him to do the swap. But he thanked Mulvaney and said he would become special envoy for Northern Ireland.

According to the people familiar with the matter said, Trump offered the position to Meadows on Thursday.

Some officials found it odd that the acting chief of staff would leave Washington in a critical time like this when the administration is dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Mulvaney also did not attend several recent trips of President Trump, including his state visit to India and a campaign swing in the Western United States. The pattern his predecessors also followed before they were dismissed.

Over the past three years, Mulvaney had been a fixture of Trump’s administration in various roles. But the president effectively lost confidence in him months ago, a combination of personality conflicts and frustration at his handling of the impeachment ordeal.

Last week, Mr Mulvaney made headlines for accusing US media of only being interested in covering coronavirus because “they think this is going to bring down the president”.

In February, Mr Trump said reports that Mr Mulvaney would be fired were “false”, insisting he had a “great relationship” with him.

Speculations raised about him of being fired in February, but then Trump said the reports were “false” and insisted he had a “great relationship” with him.

Despite key White Howse figure, he was never part of the president’s inner circle.

Who is Mark Meadows?

The new chief of staff is a close ally of the president with a record of supporting hard-line conservative causes and climate change denial in the US.

In 2012, he publicly embraced the conspiracy theory that former president Barack Obama born in Kenya, instead of the US.

He was the head of Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative politicians, Mr Meadows lobbied the White House to close down the government’s climate change office.

But in 2019, he said he was willing to look at addressing the climate issues.

He will now retires from the House of Representative.

President Trump replaces Mick Mulvaney with Mark Meadows as chief of staff

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