Raffensperger calls Trump ‘just plain wrong’ after election call

Raffensperger calls Trump 'just plain wrong' after election call
Brad Raffensperger previously warned that debunked claims about voting fraud were "hurting our state". Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: Top election official in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger has called President Trump’s false claims that he won the state in 2020 “just plain wrong”.

His comment came after Mr Trump pressured him in a phone call to “find” votes proving his win.

Criticism of the US President’s call has been widespread, with some claiming that it amounts to illegal vote tampering.

Republican leaders fear that the leaked call could undermine their efforts to win two Senate races in Georgia on Tuesday.

If Republicans win both Senate seats in Georgia in the run-off election, they will retain control of the upper chamber of the Congress. If Republican candidates lose, Democrats will control the Senate, House of Representatives and White House.

On Monday, during an interview with ABC News, Mr Raffensperger told: “He did most of the talking. We did most of the listening.”

“But I did want to make my points that the data that he has is just plain wrong,” he said.

He was on the phone for an hour to the Mr Trump and his team on Saturday, and the audio was published by the Washington Post newspaper the following day.

Mr Raffensperger told reporters on Monday that he did not know the call was being recorded, and said he spoke to the president from his home.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting systems implementation manager, said in a Monday news conference that President Trump’s claims were “easily, provably false”. He also rued the “ridiculousness” of the call to Mr Raffensperger.

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