Republicans release ‘problematic’ report on Joe Hunter Biden

Republicans release 'problematic' report on Joe Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden watches his father, the US vice-president, speak at an event in Washington in 2016. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden son Hunter Biden’s lucrative work at a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was vice-president was “problematic”, a report by Republican senators says.

But the report found no evidence that US foreign policy was influenced by it.

Hunter Biden’s presence on the Burisma board led to an impeachment trial against President Donald Trump earlier this year.

Mr Trump was accused using military aid as a bargaining chip and pressing Ukraine to probe what the Bidens were doing in the country, and

He was impeached by the Democratic majority House but cleared by the Republican majority Senate.

The 87-page report called Hunter Biden’s role at a company suspected of corruption “awkward” and “problematic” at a time when the United States was trying to help clean up corruption in Ukraine.

However, the report found little additional information that had not already been publicly revealed in news reports and testimony to the impeachment committee.

President Trump has claimed that the former Vice President Joe Biden meddled in Ukraine to help his son’s business interests, but lawmakers found no evidence of this.

The impeachment trial centred on a phone call Donald Trump made to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in which he seemed to pressure him to open an inquiry into the Bidens.

Mr Trump claimed that Mr Biden had sought to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor in order to assist energy firm Burisma, where Hunter Biden worked.

But Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor whom Mr Biden was seeking to remove due to allegations of corruption, had also been criticised by European and US officials – including Republicans.

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