Russia reportedly wants to boost Bernie Sanders campaign

Russia reportedly wants to boost Bernie Sanders campaign
Sanders disavowed any assistance from Russia. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times: Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders has been reportedly briefed that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign. Just a day ago, U.S. intelligence officials briefed Capitol Hill that the Kremlin may also be attempting to help President Donald Trump in 2020 as they did in 2016.

Mr. Sanders disavowed any assistance from Russia.

He warned President Vladimir Putin ‘to stay out of American politics’, and as president, he will make sure that.

Washington Post first revealed the information and the warning about Russia effort to help Sanders. President Trump and Capitol Hill lawmakers were also given the information.

Sanders acknowledged that he was briefed a month ago about the ‘Russia and other countries’ were interfering in the next election, he told reporters on Friday.

He said he doesn’t know clearly what they were going to play.

“We were told that Russia and maybe other countries were going to get involved in this campaign.”

Reporters asked why the news just came out as he was briefed a month ago, Sanders replied with a wink “I’ll let you guess, one day before the Nevada caucus. Why do you think it came out? It was the Washington Post? Good friends.”

President Trump mentioned the Russia effort in the 2020 election at a rally in Las Vegas Friday. He expressed his doubts on the findings of his own intelligence community that Russia was indeed working to help his campaign by saying it was just a Democratic-led effort to hurt him. He also mentioned Sanders specifically.

The president said “I was told that was happening, I was told a week ago. They said, you know, they’re trying to start a rumor. It’s disinformation. That’s the only thing they’re good at, they’re not good at anything else, they get nothing done. Do-nothing Democrats.”

“That Putin wants to make sure I get elected, listen to this. Doesn’t he want to see who the Democrat is going to be? Wouldn’t he rather have, let’s say, Bernie? Wouldn’t he rather have Bernie, who honeymooned in Moscow?” Trump continued.

In a statement, Bernie Sanders pointed out some of the controversial comments made by some of his die-hard online fans who have been linked to inflammatory comments on social media. Last week, he was criticized after some of his supporters reportedly threatened members of Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union for criticizing the senator’s’ Medicare for All plan.

In the statement, Sanders said pointing the issue “Some of the ugly stuff on the internet attributed to our campaign may well not be coming from real supporters.”

Elizabeth Warren, another Democratic candidate and rival of him said that Sanders “has a lot of questions to answer” about the attacks on union leaders while former Vice President Joe Biden said the Vermont senator and current frontrunner in the nomination contest have to take accountability for the “misogynistic” attacks.

Bernie Sanders Hits Back And Reveals He Knew Of Operation Before Debate

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