Saudi Arabia denied hacking Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’s phone

Saudi Arabia denied hacking Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone
Bin Salman and Jeff Bezos photographed last year. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Washington: Saudi Arabia denied the claims that the country’s crown prince was responsible for hacking Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’s phone.

Several media, including The Guardian, reported that a message from a phone number used by the prince has been implicated in the data breach.

Saudi’s US embassy branded the media reports as ‘absurd’ and called for an investigation into them.

Jeff Bezos is also owns Washington Post.

It is previously believed that this alleged phone hack was related to Jamal Khashoggi’s killing. Mr. Khashoggi was the columnist of the Washington Post.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported that Mr. Bezos’s phone was hacked after receiving a WhatsApp message sent from Mohammed bin Salman’s personal account.

The Financial Times reported that Bezos’ phone secretly started sharing a huge amount of data after he received a video clip from the prince.

The kingdom’s US embassy tweeted on Wednesday denying the hacking of Amazon boss Jeff Bozos’s phone.

Amazon did not comment on the issue yet.

The reports came after National Enquirer, a national tabloid of the US leaked some private information of Bezos.

In February last year, Bezos accused the tabloid of “extortion and blackmail” after it published text messages between him and his girlfriend, former Fox television presenter Lauren Sanchez.

This is not the first time Saudi Arabia has been linked to the hacking of Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos’s phone.

After an investigation in March last year, Amazon accused the kingdom of hacking Mr. Bezos’s phone and claimed that the country has accessed his data.

In March last year, an investigator for the Amazon founder said Saudi Arabia was behind the hack and it had accessed his data.

After National Enquirer leaked his private information, Bezos hired Gavin de Becker to find out how his private messages had been leaked to the National Enquirer.

Mr de Becker was linked the hack to the Washington Post’s coverage of the murder of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

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