Scarlett Johansson joins Golden Globes criticism

Golden Globes controversy Scarlett Johansson joins criticism
Avengers star Scarlett Johansson says the body behind the Globes needs "fundamental reform". Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Actor Scarlett Johansson has joined criticism of the body behind the prestigious Golden Globe Awards over how it plans to tackle discrimination.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), Golden Globe organizers, has been accused of a lack of diversity and shadowy workings.

The body voted in reforms to widen its membership earlier this week.

But Scarlett Johansson is among celebrities and industry figures who say it still needs “fundamental reform”.

In terms of profile, the Golden Globes are second only to the Oscars, but organizers have been accused of discriminatory practices, accepting “freebies” and other ethical lapses.

In February, an exposé in the Los Angeles Times revealed that there were no black people among HFPA’s 87 members who vote for the awards.

This week, the organizers outlined a package of reforms to how it works in a bid to make the organization more inclusive.

The reforms include widening its membership, with an emphasis on recruiting black members, and hiring diversity advisers. HEPA also said it would loosen its cloak of secrecy and strict admission rules.

HFPA president Ali Sar in a statement on Thursday: “Today’s overwhelming vote to reform the Association reaffirms our commitment to change.”

So far, many high-profile Hollywood figures have said the initiatives are not good enough.

Ms Johansson, who has been nominated for five Golden Globes, urged others in the industry to boycott the organization unless it makes significant internal changes.

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