Seven protesters killed and dozens injured after Sudan coup

Seven protesters killed and dozens injured
Thousands of people, including many women and children, protested outside the military compound in Khartoum. Source: Supplied
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Daily US Times: At least seven people have died and some 140 have been hurt after soldiers fired on crowds opposing a military coup in Sudan.

Protestors came out and took to the streets after the army dissolved civilian rule, called a state of emergency and arrested political leaders on Monday.

Soldiers are reported to have been going house to house in the capital Khartoum arresting local protest organisers.

The military takeover has been condemned around the world, and the US halted $700m in aid.

Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, the leader of the coup, blamed political infighting for the military action.

Since long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown two years ago, civilian leaders and their military counterparts have been at odds.

On Monday, large gatherings of protesters were on the streets of Sudan capital Khartoum – and other cities – demanding the return of civilian rule.

One wounded protestor told journalists that he was shot in the leg by the army outside the military headquarters, while another described the military firing first stun grenades, then live ammunition.

He said: “Two people died, I saw them with my own eyes.”

Sudan’s information ministry and doctor’s union also wrote on Facebook that the fatal shootings had happened outside the military compound.

Pictures from a hospital in the capital city showed people with bloodied dress and various injuries.

BBC reported that despite the violence, the protests show few signs of easing.

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