Nas Daily Video: She Is Married To Chocolate

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Daily US Times: Meet Elaine. Hi, I’m Elaine and I’m married to chocolate.

Elaine took something everybody loves chocolate and put it in something everybody loves food to create a restaurant that everybody loved with the help of her chef from Spain.

They made over 40 meals that have chocolate in them. Are you ready for this?

Made a salmon tartare with chocolate, salt from chocolate, quinoa with chocolate, chicken marinated with chocolate, french fries with chocolate, grilled cheese with chocolate, cocktails from chocolate, skincare products from chocolate, chocolate soap and even a perfume made of chocolate.

Back in the old day’s poor people in Puerto Rico would have chocolate after the main meal and a lean he’s trying to put the chocolate back in everyone’s main meal.

Note: She Is Married To Chocolate (Video from YouTube)

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