Nas Daily Success Story: Should You Quit?

Nas Daily Success Story: Should You Quit?
Nas Daily Success Story: Should You Quit?
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Daily US Times: Nas Daily publishes a success story on his YouTube channel. He would like to explain about his extreme career and what actually should you do.

This story is about me, but at the end of it it’s about you and this is the story of determination 689 days ago exactly.

I was walking down the street at night. Frustrated with my job frustrated with my life. I had this desire to travel see the world and make videos.

So I quit my job bought my first camera and a one-way ticket to Kenya and before heading to the airport I tried something new yesterday.

I’m gonna make one video, that’s one minute long that’s it and put that video on a Facebook page with no followers people told me this was a bad idea.

People told me YouTube is better, people told me I’m not a video maker and as much as I tried to prove people wrong, they were right.

I was not a good video maker. This shot is bad, this shot has no storyline. Today I like burning calories and this one has a bad microphone.

People were making money on YouTube and Facebook and I was losing money. And little did I know that I was heading towards the darkest loneliest time of my life.

Day after day ‘Hello from Austin, Texas’ ‘You can’t see me’ ‘Today’s a special day’…

I spent 10 hours making a 1-minute video. Day after day nobody watched, nobody cared, nobody shared.

I almost quit, even after I gave it my best every day. But I didn’t quit! The next day I made another video.

‘I am cheap’ ‘That’s why I like Thailand’ ‘It’s very cheap’! And that video people actually like, really liked.

It went viral. Overnight millions discovered my project. Then I started to gain.

You get how to make videos, you learn how to be better. ‘This is a real bulletproof vest’.

You make better videos. You tell better stories. You become better yourself and as you’re busy filming this.

You look back only to see millions of people behind. Who saw your videos 1 billion times!

You look back and what are these people stole your heart. You read the Commons and the presidents of countries wrote them.

You read your messages people who are about to suicide say ‘thank you for saving my life’.

And when you read that message you realize it was a good thing you never quit.

Even the day your dad went to surgery, you never quit the day you lost followers. The day you got sick, the day your numbers went down.

It’s a good thing you never quit that day. To whoever said YouTube was better, they were wrong.

Facebook works and now I make money. To whoever said this was a bad idea, they were wrong. This saved a life.

I said this story was not about me. It’s about you. Because one day you’ll walk down that street, down that road, frustrated with your life frustrated with your job.

Asking yourself what do I do? What do you do? I don’t know. I know what you don’t do. You don’t quit. Because only then can you succeed 1 billion times.

Should You Quit? Nas Daily Success Story

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