Shukran Cola is drunk in 50 countries over Coca-Cola-Pepsi

Shukran Cola is drunk in 50 countries over Coca-Cola-Pepsi
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Due to Israel’s attack on Palestinians in Gaza, there is a boycott movement of companies and products associated with Israel in various parts of the world. Several international brands like KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola came under fire for supporting Israel on the Gaza issue. In such a situation, the Middle East drinks the halal soft drink brand Shukran Cola. The demand for Shukran Cola from various countries, including the Middle East, Europe is increasing.

Due to the boycott of the western giants, Shukran Cola has become an alternative to Pepsi and Coca-Cola for many in certain markets. The demand for the drink is increasing so much that one factory is struggling to produce it and supply it to different countries around the world. Therefore, the company continued its export operations to various countries by supplying and supervising its own recipes from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Turkey.

Shukran Cola is leaving the factory for export

Entrepreneurs say that Shukran is the most used word for blessing and thanksgiving among Arabic speakers. As a result, the name Shukran is more acceptable to the people of the Arab region. So, the entrepreneurs are planning to expand this new brand globally. All the Middle Eastern countries are already drinking from them. The company will soon start its own production process locally in Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt due to the increasing demand for Shukran Cola globally.

Business people from more than 50 countries around the world continue to contact the company regularly to market Shukran Cola locally as a replacement for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The international marketing department of the company recruits new distributors in different cities and countries every day, subject to verification of business experience and businessmen’s ability through email and video conference.

Shukran plans to increase production capacity in different countries as well as market new and different flavors of soft drinks. These include Cola Zero, Lemon Zero, Soda Water, and Healthy Baby Cola for Kids, and various new flavors. Apart from carbonated drinks, juice products like orange, mango, strawberry, apple, pineapple, basil seed drinks, and various dry foods have been planned extensively and long-term.

Shukran Cola is adorning the super shops of different countries

Shukran’s entrepreneurs find specific consumer markets for the new product. Because of Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s support for Israel, most restaurants in the Middle East are not interested in selling products from US companies. As a result, the demand for Shukran soft drinks in those restaurants is increasing day by day.

Shukran also got a massive response on social media within a short period of time. Their number of followers on social media Facebook has crossed a million. They also have more than half a million followers on Instagram.

Shukran is attracting the attention of various importers and distributors worldwide to market the product. This year, the company set a target of capturing a significant portion of the global soft drinks market. At the same time, Shukran Global ( is working to expand Shukran brand recognition and product marketing activities in more than one hundred countries this year.

The demand for Shukran Cola from various countries, including the Middle East, Europe is increasing

Incidentally, after the start of Israel’s attack on Gaza in October last year, several small brands of drinks have become popular around the world. In addition to Shukran, Iran’s Zamzam Cola is one of the brands with the largest market share. Zamzam Cola is likely to rise to the peak of popularity in various countries due to its association with the name of the holy Zamzam, which Muslims most trust.

Apart from this, Palestine Cola, G Cola, Afghanistan’s Pamir Cola, and Safa drinks have gained popularity among locals. Saudi Arabia’s Kinza, FIFA drinks sales up to 600 percent Akiz Food and Beverage Company in Bangladesh has pledged to donate a portion of its Mojo Cola sales to the Palestine Fund. Currently, sales of Mojo Cola have increased by 140 percent.

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