Singapore threatens 6 months in jail for breaking social distancing laws

Singapore threatens 6 months in jail for breaking social distancing laws
SingPost Centre. Source: CapitaLand (File Photo)
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Daily US Times, Singapore: Singapore has introduced new laws, allowing six months of jail time for those who break social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

On Thursday, the country’s Ministry of Health issued a statement, saying: Those who do not keep at least one meter (3.2 feet) apart, or who meet in groups of more than 10 people outside of work or school, could face a fine of up to 10,000 Singapore dollars ($7,000) and/or up-to six months’ imprisonment.

The measures also include the same penalties for those who fail to stay in their accommodation if given a “Stay-Home Notice.”

All these come into effect Friday.

Singapore reported 72 new cases on Wednesday, the largest one-day increase in cases. It has reported 49 cases in Friday. The total number of confirmed cases in the country now reached to 732.

The social distancing measures announced after this.

Of the new cases, 22 are imported and had traveled to ASEAN, Europe and North America, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a press release.

The ministry has said that three of the confirmed cases (Cases 581, 689 and 724) are linked to a new cluster at SingPost Centre at 10 Eunos Road 8, while five other cases are linked to the cluster at PCF Sparkletots pre-school in Fengshan, taking the total number of people infected in this group to 25.

Borders have been closed since Monday to all short-term visitors and travelers transiting through the city.

Malaysians with Singapore work permit holders are the only exception, as have been able to continue working in Singapore.

The government has urged employers to put in place measures to reduce close physical interactions between employees, and to facilitate telecommuting for employees to work from home.

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