Some Republicans voice concerns over Trump

But it wasn't long before Mr Trump's surprising shift in tone. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: As President Trump began a packed day of events Friday, he delivered an unusually somber message to seniors citizens — a group he won in 2016 election and desperately needs to win back — speaking of the grief and pain inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now some Republicans voice their concerns over Mr Trump.

Trump said in Fort Myers, Florida: “My heart breaks for every grieving family that has lost a precious loved one.”

“I feel their anguish and I mourn their loss. I feel their pain. I know that the terrible pain that they have gone through, and you lose someone, and it’s nothing to describe what you have to bear. There’s nothing to describe it.”

But it wasn’t long before Mr Trump’s surprising shift in tone.

Nearly two weeks before Election Day, Trump is trailing his Democratic challenger Joe Biden by wide margins in national and key swing state polls. But on Friday, he undercut his own message again, showing how unwilling he is to stick to any strategy that would broaden his appeal beyond his own base.

Slipping into the familiar role of aggrieved victim, the Republican President overlooked the pressing needs of the nation to define the election as a battle against “big tech” and the press, angered by the fact that both social media companies and journalists have called out the disinformation he spreads, as well as that of his allies and some other Republicans.

While minimizing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Preisident Trump issued slashing, evidence-free attacks on the former VP Biden family, accusing them of corruption.

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